321 Mile Challenge

Siobhan and Dan Pritchard participated in the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Run as part of Run with Siobhan to raise awareness and funds for Down syndrome cognitive research in 2013.

In 2014, Siobhan and Dan are each planning to race 321 miles over a season to raise funds and awareness for Down syndrome research. This research has the potential to improve memory, learning, and communication in people with Down syndrome. This means increased independence. It means a future of enhance life opportunities.

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Donate and Support the 321 MIle Challenge: https://www.crowdrise.com/321MileChallenge

The Pritchards_resized


Salida Trail Marathon – 3/15 (Dan and Siobhan)

World Down Syndrome Day 21 Miles – 3/21 (Dan and Siobhan)

C.U.R.E 50k – 4/19 (Dan)

Collegiate Peaks 25M – 5/3 (Dan)

Quad Rock 50M – 5/10 (Siobhan)

Leadville Trail Marathon – 6/14 (Dan and Siobhan)

North Fork 50M – 6/28 (Dan)

Chase the Moon 12hr – 7/11 (Siobhan)

Leadville Trail 100M – 8/16 (Dan)

Run Rabbit Run 100M – 9/12 (Siobhan)

Chicago Marathon – 10/12 (Dan and Siobhan)


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