3-2-1 DASH for Down Syndrome in Charlotte, NC

A big thank you to Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte. DSAGC organized a fun run with over 600 participants, with the proceeds directed to Research Down Syndrome. It’s a natural…promoting the partnership of cognition, cognition research and exercise, a concept shared by our RDS Runners all across the country.

Ds Associations: Kelly Campbell and Kathryn Lariviere from DSAGC have kindly offered to help you with information about the steps they took to hold such an event. A key component was identifying a local race organizer to handle many of the race related details. Can you imagine the potential to re-state public support for Ds research if associations across the country followed DSAGC’s lead and held similar fun runs? RDS and our RDS Runners program is ready to assist as well.

Supporters, please share this post with you local organization…


Contact us at rdsrunners@researchds.org to begin your fun run planning.


Here are pictures from race day:


Charlotte 5K - Pic 1Charlotte 5K - Pic 2Charlotte 5K - Pic 3Charlotte 5K_pic 2

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