Some Final 2013 Shout Outs to RDS Runners

The RDS Runners competitive season is coming to a close. We still need to recognize a few more folks who recently Raced for the Extraordinary.

Congrats, Debbie Drew, for representing RDS Runners in the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. Our thanks to you and your donors for raising over $2500 for Ds research helping Noah and so many more.

Megan Mozart, for the second year, you’ve competed as an RDS Runner in support of all persons with Down syndrome, especially nephew Richie. You blew away your $1K goal, and then exceeded your $3210(get it?) stretch goal. Way to go! Thanks for raising Ds research dollars in the Zombie Runner Marathon near San Jose, CA.

We are working on plans and a schedule for 2014. Help us take RDS Runners to the next level. We need your support. Please share RDS Runners related posts, send ideas/questions to, and continue to advocate for RDS Runners and the benefits of exercise on cognition.

Debbie rocking the RDS Runner special edition black performance tank in the San Antonio Half.

Debbie rocking the RDS Runner special edition black performance tank                                                                                 in the San Antonio Half.

Megan Mozart showing off her RDS Runners hat 1.0

Megan Mozart showing off her RDS Runners hat 1.0



Jersey RDS Runners ‘Run for Flynn’ in Philly

For a second year, a group of RDS Runners has gotten together to run in honor of Flynn Fry. The team, led by Lisa Arnoa, fund raised for RDS and Ds research. They are so touched by Flynn, and Flynn continues to serve as an inspiration to assist all persons with Down syndrome with research that will lead to enhanced life opportunities. Team members were Lisa Arnoa, Matt and Jess MacDougall, Heather Anthony, Colleen Morrisroe, Maureen Morrisroe, Bridgid Eileen and Melissa Guarino.

Thank you team for Running for Flynn.

RDS Runners_Run for Flynn_1

RDS Runners_Run for Flynn_2

RDS Runners_Run for Flynn_3

“Running for Flynn” at the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend

RDS Runners’ ‘Team Flynn’ was one of our first teams running in support of Down syndrome cognitive research. This team is from the Washington, DC area. The inspiration for this team was Flynn Fry.

A team of RDS Runners from New Jersey are running in the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend 8K race, and they asked if they could run in his loving memory. We said, “Of Course!”. What a kind gesture.They will be:

“Running for Flynn”

Good luck RDS Runners in Philly this weekend! Have fun… stay safe… be strong!

Thanks for “Running for Flynn”, and for DS cognitive research.

Running For Flynn Shirts by RDS Runners in Philly

3-2-1 DASH for Down Syndrome in Charlotte, NC

A big thank you to Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte. DSAGC organized a fun run with over 600 participants, with the proceeds directed to Research Down Syndrome. It’s a natural…promoting the partnership of cognition, cognition research and exercise, a concept shared by our RDS Runners all across the country.

Ds Associations: Kelly Campbell and Kathryn Lariviere from DSAGC have kindly offered to help you with information about the steps they took to hold such an event. A key component was identifying a local race organizer to handle many of the race related details. Can you imagine the potential to re-state public support for Ds research if associations across the country followed DSAGC’s lead and held similar fun runs? RDS and our RDS Runners program is ready to assist as well.

Supporters, please share this post with you local organization…


Contact us at to begin your fun run planning.


Here are pictures from race day:

Charlotte 5K - Pic 1Charlotte 5K - Pic 2Charlotte 5K - Pic 3Charlotte 5K_pic 2