How Do You Fundraise?

RDS Runners have found many different ways to fundraise in support of Down syndrome research. There is no one way to fundraise for your racing efforts when you join the RDS Runners team.

One of the best tools for spreading awareness of your running efforts is the internet. Emails and social media is an easy and fast way to forward your online fundraising page to family, friends, and co-workers. We continually find that runners are surprised at how much they are able to raise by contacting people through emails and Facebook asking for their support of their racing efforts.

Below is language we encourage RDS Runners to use on Facebook, emails, etc. when promoting racing efforts.


I am running for a foundation called Research Down Syndrome(RDS).

RDS supports scientific studies directed towards understanding the sources of cognitive difficulties in persons with Down syndrome. RDS believes in the promise of a future where therapies will be available that will help improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome. This will lead to increased life opportunities in education, employment, social interactions….perhaps a future where persons with Down syndrome might be able to live independently. Please join with the RDS Runners as their miles help RDS fund research that already has made extraordinary progress.

Let’s Race for the Extraordinary.


The internet is not the only tool for fundraising, and some runners have raised funds in creative and fun ways.

Two amazing little girls, Kaydence and Jaycee, watched this video and wanted to do something to help raise money for Ds research for their good friend James. They came up with the idea of a lemonade stand. They were able to raise over $1,000 for the Run with Siobhan campaign!

Angela Rodriquez, who is running in the Chicago Marathon this October. Angela held a fundraising party in her home with Gold Rush Girls. Gold Rush Girls buys gold from people in a party setting while giving a portion of the profits to the host. By hosting the fundraising party Angela was able to raise almost $2,000 for RDS in one night!

We want to know, how do you fundraise? Feel free to leave comments in this post to let us know how you fundraise for Research Down Syndrome.


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