Run with Siobhan – Race Results

Siobhan Pritchard completes 100 miles in 28 hours, 36 minutes and 22 seconds. What an incredible day for her, her family, and all of us here at Research Down Syndrome. We’re proud to have Run with Siobhan. If you are too, you can support the cause here:

Run with Siobhan_Siobhan Finished

Siobhan after the race.

You can watch a video of Siobhan finishing the Leadville 100 here.

Run with Siobhan_Siobhan 60 miles

Siobhan still going strong at the 60 miles mark.

Remember when you first met James and Siobhan and Dan?

Nearly 2,500 views in two months.

Sharing hope for the promise of Ds cognitive research, and: running…running…running.

To see more pictures and race updates of Siobhan and Dan go to the Research Down Syndrome Facebook page or Twitter page @ResearchDS #RunWithSiobhan.

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