NYC Half 2013

We want to thank our RDS Runners that ran in the NYC Half Marathon this past Sunday. The team that raised over $14,000 for Down syndrome research and were a NYC Half top ten charity fund raiser. Special thanks to Lisa for helping organize the team for a 3rd straight year.

Heather, Lisa, Matt and Colleen

                                             Heather, Lisa, Matt and Colleen


A Mom’s Video Supporting Down Syndrome Research

In this video made in observance of World Down Syndrome Day, a mother of a young son with Down syndrome describes why she supports cognitive research to develop drug therapies to address intellectual disabilities in Down syndrome.

In recent decades, improved health care, expanded education and community opportunities and the support of families and advocacy groups has improved quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome, and life expectancy has increased from 20 to 60+.

While progress over the last ten years certainly has been encouraging, there remains a large unmet medical need for drug therapies to address the learning challenges associated with Down syndrome, as well as the increased likelihood for Alzheimer’s disease.

Yet, remarkable progress in Down syndrome cognitive research has been made over a relatively short period of time. A clinical trial is underway to test a potential drug that improves neuro-transmission in a mouse model, and two other trials are underway.

Support like Lara’s is helping sustain momentum for this remarkable research initiative. To learn more, contact RDS at or