Research Down Syndrome Spotlights Runners on National Running Day

Research Down Syndrome and its national RDS Runners Charity Racing Program observes June 6, National Running Day by spotlighting three RDS Runners participating in races as fundraisers for Down syndrome research.

Our featured runners have a daugther, a brother and a future nephew with Down syndrome. They share in a commitment to have their miles support the RDS mission to develop drug therapies that will enhance life opportunities for persons with Down syndrome by improving memory, learning and communication.

Michelle             Hannah                   Megan

Please consider showing your support by chipping in $5, $10 or $20 to RDS Runners. The efforts of thousands of RDS Runners across the country, is invigorating a revolutionary research initiative that is beginning to understand the origins of the cognitive difficulties associated with Down syndrome, which will lead to drug treatments to address learning difficulties. The research is also directed towards understanding the connections between Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome.

Good luck to all of our runners in their upcoming races. They are Running for Research!

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