RDS Runners Update

The first part of 2012 has just flown by, and we’re proud of all of the RDS Runners who ran in races during the first half of the year.

To support Research Down Syndrome’s mission of research to improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome, RDS Runners have participated this year in multiple races across the country, from the NYC Half Marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, DC Half Marathon, the New Orleans Half Marathon, and the Houston Marathon to shorter races in the Midwest. The RDS Runners team was a top fundraiser in the NYC Half Marathon on March 18.

The program is seeing continued growth, and we’ve had nearly 40 runners raise over $40,000 between January and June, and we’re excited to keep that momentum going into races we are participating in during the summer and fall months. As of earlier this year, RDS Runners now has two official race trainers, Bianca and Sandi of Apex Fitness.

We have another 40 runners currently registered to run in races later this year in the San Franciso Marathon, Air Force Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, and many many more.

You can view a complete schedule of RDS Runners upcoming races on our website.

We’re still looking for more runners to join our teams and run for Down syndrome research. For more information about RDS Runners and any races we participate in contact us at rdsrunners@researchds.org.

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