Welcome to the RDS Runners Blog

Research Down Syndrome(RDS) would like to welcome readers to our RDS Runners Blog.

Our blog will be a useful and fun forum for discussions centered on the RDS Runners program, which has become THE national charity running program to support Down syndrome research. Our RDS Runners have raced in events across the country – from New York to San Diego – in support of research to improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome. RDS Runners are entering races long and short, competitive and fun, from 5k Fun Runs through full and half marathons. We have even heard from folks interested in triathlons. And, let’s not limit this program exclusively to running and triathlons. We have had suggestions for biking and sailing events, for instance. Whatever the event, competitors know that their efforts will boost research that has already made remarkable progress in understanding the origins of cognitive difficulties in persons with Down syndrome. In fact, recently, research supported by RDS and the RDS Runners program has helped lead to the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial by Roche Pharmaceuticals. This trial is testing a potential drug designed to address the cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with Down syndrome.

The RDS Runners blog will be a forum to promote upcoming events, a site where runners can share their success stories and compare aches and pains. Our RDS Runners Training Consultant will be “on call” to answer any training questions or point runners to useful training sites. Most importantly, this blog will be a space where runners can share personal stories about why supporting Down syndrome research is important to them, and how it motivates them to train, compete and fundraise for a cause. You will be inspired and educated by their stories. Learn why they Race for the Extraordinary!, and why you will want to do the same.

RDS Runners Team Flynn, in the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, June 2011

Visit our blog regularly, and please share this site with friends and supporters of Down syndrome research. Come back soon to read personal stories from runners in the NYC and New Orleans Half marathons. Later, we will introduce you to our running consultant, Bianca Brutlag.

In this, our first entry we certainly want to thank all the RDS Runners who are participating in races this year. Our upcoming races are listed here, and our RDS Runners fundraising site highlights these races as well.

Please let us know what you think with any comments or questions below.

Let’s all:  

One thought on “Welcome to the RDS Runners Blog

  1. I anyone running the San Francisco Marathon from the Bay Area? I am running it and I live in Palo Alto. If any of you are in the area, perhaps we can train together?

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